5 Profitable Virtual Assistant Skills for 2020

Are you interested in growing your virtual assistant skills going into 2020, but you’re not sure what skills are most profitable? Read this post and you’ll find out what skills to niche down in your virtual assistant business for the coming year.

You’re ready to start your virtual assistant business, or maybe you’ve already started your virtual assistant business. Whatever it is, I’m excited you’re here. I’m going to tell you the 5 most profitable virtual assistant businesses going into 2020.

These skills are relevant to now, the time of the writing of this article. I can’t guarantee that they will be around forever. I can guarantee that if you learn the skills required to do these 5 things and if you get down your marketing, you will already be miles ahead of the competition.

This is in no particular order and is based on my own opinion, so who knows if it’s right. However, I’ve been told I’m almost always right.

1. Anything To Do With Funnels.

It’s foolish to believe that funnels are going away. Sure, it gets harder and harder to get people to actually buy. The reality is that funnels will still be a key player in the game, at least for right now. 

Most virtual assistants start in one area and decide that it’s not for them. Or they decide to dive in a little deeper then they decide they love it. If you discover a love for funnels, it’s one of the virtual assistant skills that can be a moneymaker!

2. Anything To Do With Podcast Editing.

At Podfest back a few year ago, they said that only 125,000 podcasts are released daily. Compare that to the one billion videos that are uploaded to Youtube daily! A drastic difference. And as we turn more and more to voice recognition that the podcast industry will pick up again. 

People think the technology of video is going to change things and point to the video industry. However, people like to multi-task. You can’t multitask very well while you watch a video. Sure, you could put your computer on Youtube and then not watch the video, but many people are going to start turning to voice. 

It’s better to get ahead of the game right now. People understand this and that’s why podcasting is on the up and up. Heck, I just started doubling down on my podcast, plus starting a new one for my nonprofit. I know the power of the podcast. Learning podcast skills are a great set of virtual assistant skills to add to your arsenal.

3. Integration

This is what I’ve become known for which is the ability to integrate a lot of things. Arguably, this goes into the funnel section as well. It’s one thing to be able to know your way around a click funnels account. It’s another to know your way around a click funnels account and integrate it with Ontraport or Infusionsoft and an access ally program, now that’s something you need to learn. There’s a Zapier program in there. Maybe you want to throw Acuity into that! This is all a whole other level. 

That’s a different type of funnel than what Clickfunnels tells you to do. What I’m talking about is a lot more advanced and fewer people know how to do it. It’s the way that I built my 6-figure virtual assistant business in less than three years. These skills have done wonders not only for my business but also for my client’s businesses. This skill is a win-win.

4. Content Management

Now look, I’m not saying a social media manager because that’s not what I mean. I mean content. I mean keeping it consistent across platforms, keeping it relevant across platforms, making sure you’re producing enough content, that it’s creative, and you’re getting everything that you need. 

I’m also talking about the ones behind the scenes doing the SEO, optimization of Youtube videos, and all the other things that help people – like my clients and myself – get seen and get noticed and build the business that you’re craving to have. Those virtual assistant skills are the most exciting thing you can learn. 

Content is the future and we like a lot of content. It used to be that you only had to view 3 pieces of content before people were sold on a sell and now it’s upwards of 30. If you’re only producing 30 pieces of content per month and your competitor is producing 30 pieces of content per day, who do you think is going to have better success?

5. Designer

I’m talking an AMAZING designer, the type of designer that you want to drool over the beautiful things they make. The one that gets clients with ease. What that requires is a good insight into the programs that you use. I’m not talking about a little bit of Canva. I’m talking about InDesign and Photoshop. That’s where you can make a lot of money. 

I love a good designer. Sure, it can be a struggle because there are a lot of them. There aren’t a lot of amazing and skilled ones. However, if you can become one of the most skilled ones and get your marketing down, you’ll grow your business fast.

These are 5 of the most profitable virtual assistant skills you can learn as we prepare for 2020. Which ones will you learn?

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