My name is Amy. ✌🏼

I’m a virtual assistant badass who has been
calling the online biz world my home for 3+ years.

But damn, those were a long 3 years.


The first few years of building an online biz  is tough stuff. Your head is swimming with a million ideas, but no strategies on how to execute them.

You’re overworked, overtired, and over living paycheck to paycheck.

Does this sound like you? You:

-> Aren’t impressed by the progress of your business

-> Need to figure out how to create boundaries with your clients

-> Want to start making a steady income sooner rather than later

->Haven’t done something for yourself in a very, very, VERY long time

->Want to wake up and BE THRILLED YOU GET TO WORK


A lot of virtual assistants and online service providers neglect to set up those pretty important ‘first steps’ when creating their business. Thinking
solely of your clients (and I mean, why wouldn’t you?) won’t get you to those high earning months.

But the truth is, once you do set up those key, first business building foundations, you’ll be moving and shaking and reaching those BIG BUCKs in no time flat.

Over the years, I’ve taught myself strategies on how to set up effective systems, invested in coaches and programs when I needed expert advice on certain areas of my business, and worked my tush off to learn everything I could so not only my client’s businesses would be successful, but also my own.

As a single broad with a dog, an introvert’s social life and an obsession with self mastery and taking over the world,
I’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes an online biz successful.

I can help you:

-> Get clear on your niche + messaging so you are attracting your idea people

-> Help lay down the foundations to a functioning online business (business operations, work life balance, and integrity)

-> Create an impressively epic client on boarding system that wows your clients from the time they sign on to work with you

-> Learn the basic strategy for a variety of different funnels to create sales in your client’s business

-> Understand what basic and easy to use social media strategies YOU NEED TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS (and your client’s business)

-> Figure out how to effectively scale your business 

-> And set up your business to easily and smoothly sign high paying clients

Also – did you know that I hula hoop? Or that I’m OBSESSED with the Office? Or that I’m really intro astrology, gem stonesand natural healing?  

OR just how SUPER excited I am for you to start your virtual assistant, online business manager, systems architect, social media manager, pinterest wizard, customer service unicorn or whatever your business, and make it one of your dreams!?


-> Wake up every day excited to go to work

-> Create a routine that works for you, your lifestyle and your family

-> Understand your niche + messaging around attracting your ideal client

-> Have potential clients that will pay you what you are worth and come easily

-> Learn how to grow as your business grows

-> FINALLY hit those income goals


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