Are You BBO?

Are you someone who googles BBO a lot? 

Not sure what BBO means? BBO stands for being bored online. 

A lot of us turn to the internet or social media to pass the time when we are bored, watching Netflix, or unwinding and relaxing. However, many of us spend way too much time dicking around online. Don’t you agree?

I think it’s about time you made some money why you did so. 

Enter the term virtual assistant.

“Virtual Assistant” is more an umbrella term and includes any and every person who has a skill set of web design, administration, lead collection, sales, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, ads, Youtube, SEO… the list goes on! 

Essentially what I’m saying is that if you are someone who is really good at Instagram, I want to tell you that there’s a job for that. However, I’m talking about someone who is amazing at creating content, engaging with people on a regular basis, or who is excellent as attracting new followers because you’ve been doing this since you were twelve. Or maybe you’re amazing at Pinterest and make the best pins and growing boards like nobody’s business. What if you’re known for crafting the best emails? That’s another skill translatable as a virtual assistant! I want to tell you that you can make a decent amount of money working online with skills like these. 

I don’t think it’s said enough. That’s why I encourage all you people googling BBO to go out there and try to market your services instead. 

“But, Amy,” you say, “I don’t know how to get started.”

It just so happens that I have a virtual assistant course that can help you with that.

Yes, it does cost a bit of money. But, it’s easier than trying to figure this out for the next two, three, four years of your life like I did. Why don’t you hop on over and check it out here? Don’t be lazy or bored, learn some skills and make some money!