We often make choices in our everyday life based on fear. It’s time to stop that! In this interview with Brian Canavan, you’ll learn to pay attention to stress as a sign of alignment, and how that best way to truly understand what you should do, is to listen to your intuition. We’ll also over how Brian has grown a successful business in Scotland – an area where coaching isn’t as wildly accepted.

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Brian Canavan grew up in a single parent family in Pailsey, near Glasgow Scotland where he now lives with jis wife Fiona, a staff nurse and 2 kids Emly 11, and Connor 8.

He Studied Marketing in Glasgow at University and had over 20 years working in various roles before leaving employment due to his stress related illness and breakdown.

He subsequently had his own successful marketing consultancy until turning to coaching full time.

Brian is now a life coach and the author of Get Your Mojo Working Fast, working with people all over the world via 1-2-1 coaching and online programs to help them live their life of success (however they want to measure it) without the stress.