In Carol’s Dweck famous book “Mindset” she explores what life battling a fixed mindset vs growth mindset, and explains that most everyone has elements of both.

Based on Dweck’s work, Catalina Patane and Amy Demone talk about what it’s been like for the two of them growing up with elements of both a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. This is also one of the very core principles to learn about when beginning your business because if you’re someone who has grown up with a fixed mindset, this business-building thing is going to be a heck lot harder. Listen to this episode to feel inspired to make some serious changes to your mindset (and life).


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This was written in first person from Catalina Patane

I was born in Colombia South America, and since very early age I unconsciously knew that I wanted to grow up and do something that would contribute with society, so I wanted to become a psychologist or a doctor or a lawyer. I also grew up with a very unique setting, very dysfunctional family but with a mother that did everything and anything for me and my brother. She introduced me at a young age to exploring the growth mindset and the connection between mind and body.

School was not my strong suit and traditional teachers called me lazy and slow learner a few times. I failed 3rd grade and the last year of high school and I convinced myself at that time that I was not born smart enough or good enough. I decided to travel because I really didn’t want to college and after a few years I went back to Colombia as I was ready to start with school.

At 22 I decided to study political science and I was extremely excited as I was studying what I desired and what would help me to change the culture in my Country. On my 5th semester I encountered a teacher that really confronted me again with the “not good enough” labels, however he did something that changed my life. The last day of class he told me that he was going to fail me, because even though I was not fully failing I needed to experience this since I was not “emotional intelligent”.  This was the first time I heard this term, he introduced me to “Emotional Intelligence” from Daniel Goleman. After reading the book I realized I had too much work ahead and that my EI was not high.

After realizing that politics was not the answer to change the culture and most importantly that I was not going to be happy through this career I decided to come to the US. It was the first time in my life that I decided without thinking about “my limitations” in terms of learning. I grew up in a country where if you don’t have a degree you “will not succeed” so I was ready to start studying here too. I got myself a job as a steppingstone but what I didn’t realize is that this place would allow me to grow and learn and to prove to myself that I could do anything I wanted; it was just matter of learning about me. I went from receptionist to the financial controller in 7 years, making 6 figure salary… I thought this was it I was on the top and this is what I wanted it, but a year ago I start being more self-aware and then I started to notice that I was not happy, I ended up noticing that the people around me weren’t happy even though they had a lot of money. This made my questioned a lot, and one day my husband told me to watch “I am not your guru” the Tony Robbins Netflix movie. This was my answer, I was not happy because my life blueprint was not matching my reality, I forgot I wanted to contribute to society, to human beings. After watching this, I decided to become a life coach.

I have read over 200 hundred books from the likes of , Tony Robbins, Tom Bilyeu, Mel Robbins, Ray Dalio, Louse Hay, Cal Newport, Bruce Lipton, Dean Graziosi, Carol Dwek to mention a few of my mentors. I have over 500 hours of training in coaching and every day I feel more and more alive, when I think about what life is for me, I feel openness, and love. When I decided to become a coach, I learned very quickly that massive action, having an “anti – fragile” ego and having a growth mindset is fundamental to achieve fulfillment which is the ultimate key to happiness.

I realize that every human deserves an opportunity to remember why we are here for, why we should strive in life, my life mission is to create self-awareness and empower back humanity through the path of Inner Action.