9 Steps to Getting Clients in Facebook Groups

If you haven’t been immersing yourself in Facebook groups to get clients, what have you been doing with your life? Like for reals.

Facebook groups are a gold mine of clients. Regardless of what people say about them. I swear they’re just trying to keep all the potential clients to themselves. Real talk.

I’ve acquired a fair few clients(over 10) by being in the right groups at the right time.

Here is the most recent example of a client that I signed directly from a Facebook group.

I’ll set the stage, it was 7:30pm on a thursday night in early November 2017. I was waiting for a friend to come over or maybe I was just bored watching netflix and cruising through all the social media platforms like I do, I can’t remember.

Either way, I decided to head over to the facebook group that helps Ontraport user (the program that I am certified in) to see if anyone needed some help. Yes, this is what I do when I am bored.

And that’s when I came across a post from a lady with a SOS!

I was lucky, I caught her about 45 minutes after she posted this. The first thing I did was comment on her post (still the only one, even 6 months later) and let her know that I would also be sending her a private message about what she’s looking to implement stat.

Turns out she had a VA that was helping her with Ontraport, but he wasn’t as knowledgeable as he had led her to believe, and his turn around wasn’t great. She explained to me she liked to move fast, and wanted a 25 hour project done ASAP. I quoted her for a week turn around, but she wanted it done that weekend. Since I had nothing going on that weekend and my roommate was out of town, it was the perfect opportunity to pitch my very first high ticket item and I landed the job.

The best part? Is that she was so pleased with my work, she fired her other VA (#sorrynotsorry) and now she’s one of my VIP client, she’s a dream to work with, and she appreciates me more than words can describe.

So when people try to tell you that Facebook groups are a bad way to get clients, don’t listen to them – or send them to this article to prove them otherwise.

And I get it, I too was a cynic.

I want to seriously crush the myth that you need to be in there 3+ hours a day working your ass off to get the clients.

Sure if you have time, DO IT, but if you don’t – like most of us it there – I’ve create a step-by-step guide on how to actually get clients in facebook groups.

The Virtual Assistant’s Guide on “How to really get clients in Facebook Groups”

Step #1: Focus your efforts

Focus on 5 groups or less – especially if you don’t have more than 30 minutes a day to spend in groups.

Why is this important? When you focus on a few select groups, you will have more time to create higher quality contributions. Not only will this impress whomever reads your posts/comments, but it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Step #2: Choose the groups with the right topic

Make sure that you join groups that resonate with you and are related to your niche, not just ones you think you’ll find clients in. Why? Think of it this way, if you’re hanging out in a “coco for coco puffs” group and you despise those sugary devils, then you’re going to feel out of alignment and like you don’t connect with the people enjoying this treat, which will shine through in your posts. And secretly, you’ve always been a massive fan of fruit loops, so do yourself a favor and join the “loopy for fruit loops” group instead because those are your people.

Step #3: Choose the groups with the right amount of people

Don’t choose groups with more than 5,000 people. I personally would go for even less. As long as the group is active (I’m talking minimum 50 posts a day) then the smaller the better. This is for visibility purposes, so find groups that are more intimate.

Step #4: Engage on other people’s posts (not just ones offering positions)

I know this sounds dumb, but most people join Facebook groups and just chill, only contributing to the group when it’s to their advantage aka a job posting.

By helping other people in areas that you have knowledge in (and for free) you will start to get noticed and you’ll start to establish yourself as an expert in the group. Take a peak at the example below.

Ex. Jan posts “GAWD, I’m just SO frustrated, I’ve been trying to upload my contact list to mailchimp for 30 minutes and it won’t work. I’ve googled and googled and can’t find any information on how to fix my problem, someone PLEASE help!!!!”

Jan’s post gets radio silence. But then all of a sudden you jump to the rescue. Below is a perfectly crafted response that shows empathy and an eagerness to help.

You write “Hey, if I had a dollar for everytime an email marketing platform decided to have a mind of its own, I’d have at least 100 bucks! I guess the advantage to this is that I’m now a wiz at problem solving, so let me take a stab at your question. I’m wondering if your contact document is in the right format? Sometimes we don’t realize that google sheets will export in a variety of different formats (and mailchimp doesn’t support most of them). So my question to you is, is your document formatted in .CSV? I know a lot of the times the default is .xlsx and that is no bueno for most email marketing services. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other questions I’m more than happy to help 🙂 Good luck!”

Step #5: Create posts that others can engage on

Another way to start standing out. Type of posts I like to write are “What is your favorite email marketing platform?” or “What’s your favorite thing about working from home? Mine is that I get to cuddle my dog”.

I know these sound silly but these are great(and cute) ways to get noticed in these groups. So do it! I know you’re scrolling through the gram daily, so why not focus your efforts on something that could grow your business?

Step #6: Promote your content

Most times, when online entrepreneurs first start out or when forget to treat our business like a actual business, we forget to do one key thing that will not only grow our business but also our income. And that’s create bitchin’ content and put it out into the interweb.

So first step: do that. Second step: check your groups to see if they have dedicated days for promoting your content/freebies/lead magnets/social media accounts/etc and DO IT. This is advertising baby, and because you’re in more intimate groups and have hopefully already established yourself as an expert, people will be click click clicking on it. Oh, and it’s also going to help you prove to the group that you are an expert in your field even more.

Please note: there are usually rules about where and when to post, don’t go crazy and spam these groups, all that will do is get you kicked out, upset the admins (believe me) and ruin all the groundwork you’ve done so far (assuming you’ve completed step 1-5).

Step #7: Be active at unpopular times

I once got a client on a Thursday night at 8pm EST, strictly because I was hanging out in a group, bored, waiting for my friend to come over. Again, I was only in there to help the woman (step #4)

If you can swing being in these groups at odd hours, I would try this. Why? Well Facebook groups aren’t exactly a secret way to getting clients, at least anymore. Thousands of people are doing the same thing (although probably not as well as you if you’re implementing the steps in this guide) so you got to spice things up!

Step #8 (the most important one): Always be in Sales Mode

Now before I go any further, I want you to realize that sales mode does not equal sleaze mode. Sales mode should be your default setting. Remember you’re running a business and you’re giving it 100%. So don’t put all your efforts into getting clients in Facebook groups and muck it up on this very important step. If you forget to sell, you will watch your efforts go down the drain.

The best way to respond to a job post in a facebook group is by following this simple formula. 1) Explain what you do in depth(elevator pitch) 2) Explain how you have helped other clients achieve results (give numbers if possible) 3) Include a call to action. Lastly, always make sure you’re friendly and professional.

Below is the perfect “hire me” post.

Hi Shannon. My name is Amy and I help female coaches gain serious visibility by implementing proven tactics to increase their instagram following and influencing status. I’ve worked with 10 clients, where I’ve increased their following by 10,000+ followers in 6 short months and I would love to opportunity to grow your following as well. I would love to speak with you more about what strategies (if any) you’ve implemented so far and explain my approach. You can schedule a call with me by clicking here —->http://amydemoneva.acuityscheduling.com/. If you have any follow up questions for me, I’m happy to answer them in writing as well. I’ve sent you a private message, so we can continue our conversation there. I look forwarding to hearing from you.

It’s very very very important to include your scheduling link in your post. Most likely, there are a number of other potential clients out there also looking to hire someone for the same position in their business but haven’t gotten around to writing a post about it. So even though you could very well not land this client in question (expect at least 20 other VAs to reply to the listing) other potential clients will see this post and have your scheduling link directly at their fingertips.

Please note: Always private message your potential client, in addition to letting them know you have done so, unless stated otherwise in the job post..

Step #9: Be Consistent

Be consistent. Always. Don’t do this for 1 week and get discouraged if you haven’t signed 7 clients. Most online businesses fail because the people running them are under the impression that online business is easy. If that were true, we’d all be doing it.

If you know me at all, I don’t give you info that is a quick fix, I give you foundations to create a long standing and successful online business. So do the work, and enjoy it! You’ve got this.