Do You Need a Virtual Assistant Certification?

I get this question a lot: do you need some form a virtual assistant certification to be able to work online and operate your own virtual assistant business? No, you definitely do not. There’s no regulation.

I like to think of the way that we work in this online space is almost like the wild, wild west. 

There are some precautionary measures put in place but the reality is that we all are just hoping we are going to get paid and everything is going to go well. The best thing is that it has for me and it will most likely for most of you. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have some horrible client interactions, but that’s just part of the course.

Let’s get back on track. You definitely don’t need a virtual assistant certification.

This is because you (probably) can’t keep up with that certification. You’d have to retake again and again and again. This industry moves so fast. The way virtual assistants are viewed, how they interact with companies and entrepreneurs, and the way they interact with other virtual assistants and online service providers is changing as well. Prices fluctuate from $3 (or even less) an hour to $500 an hour. 

A virtual assistant certification would be geared mostly toward (I’m assuming) administration.

A virtual assistant has evolved to become an umbrella term to include SEO managers, social media management, copywriters, etc. You are encouraged to keep up with your own virtual assistant training because of this term’s evolution. Think of it as continuing education. 

I want to answer this one last question. 

What if I still think I need a virtual assistant certification?

Listen, I’m going to be straight up honest with you. The reason that you think this is because you’re experiencing imposter syndrome. You’re thinking if you gain more and more knowledge that you will finally be ready to start a business. It’s not going to happen. You’re going to take one certification after another, then a course, then a webinar, and then the list goes on and on. You’ll constantly pretend like you still don’t have enough information to get started. 

The reality is that you have enough time to get started right now.

There is a ton of free information you can absorb! Certification costs a lot of money and it’s just not worth it. Do yourself a favor and bite this limiting belief in the butt right now. You do not need a virtual assistant certification, and if anyone tells you otherwise, send them my way.

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