Maria Mustapha is the Founder of JMA Projects, a Business Consultancy, that helps entrepreneurs grow their business without the growing pains, whilst getting back to doing what they do best! 

She is a qualified project manager with over 15 years’ experience in corporate (boooo!), and has been lucky enough to work in a range of industries; from Rail and Construction, to software development, and even Brand and Marketing.

But no matter what the industry, she was often left feeling frustrated that despite the huge range of tools and software on the market that could make it sooo much easier to do the job, there was hardly ever any time to research nor implement them on her projects!So nowadays, instead of being the frustrated and time-poor Project Manager, she takes the good stuff from corporate (yes there are some,lol) and uses it to help entrepreneurs, and small business owners, especially the self-confessed technophobe, to create a business they love, whilst still enjoying the type of lifestyle that they set out to achieve!