How Self-Care Changed My Life

I need to tell you this right now and I need you to listen: self-care is important. You need to make sure you take care of yourself and your health when you are building this online business.

I do not care that everyone glorifies hustle and I don’t care that you are super tired because you have to cook, clean, take care of the kids, and build this online business. I don’t care.

The two vessels that will get you through this online journey.

One is your body and the other, more importantly, is your brain. If either of those are not healthy, if they are not functioning even half as well as they should, you are going to be in a lot of trouble. I’ve burned out in my business multiple times. Multiple, multiple, multiple. I didn’t learn. I wouldn’t learn. I refused to. I kept telling myself “the more I work it’ll get easier,” “you gotta struggle before it gets easy,” “once you get everything figured out you then you can take care of your health,” or “everything else is more important than me.”

What’s your priority?

That’s what really what it comes down to. It’s not prioritizing myself. Don’t get caught up in the mindset trap I kept getting caught up in. I kept telling myself, “You’re working on your business, you’re working on yourself. You don’t need to go to the gym. You don’t need to eat healthily. You don’t need to binge eat all those cookies because you are stressed.” No, instead I said, “I will do this later.”

The one thing you’ll learn is that if you keep pushing this off, you keep staying up too late and not getting enough sleep, you don’t get the recommended water per day, you don’t take your much needed and deserved mental health breaks, you don’t meditate or do some form of exercise, it is going to be a long, painful journey. I can tell you this because I know.

I am data-driven and that’s what a lot of these soul podcasts are going to be about. I’m going to break down the little boy of data that I have about this topic at hand. Real, lived and breathed data.

I didn’t take care of myself.

I did not take care of myself for the first three and a half years of my business. Yes, I did not take care of myself until January of this year. Arguably, I made a few decisions before then to start to take care of myself, but the real big journey of building exercise, healthy eating, a lot of water, and the recommended sleep into my work life and personal life balance didn’t start until January 2019.

Now that I’ve been through the habit-building process, I’m really starting to see and reap the benefits of these changes. I’m starting to notice how sharp I am, I’m less in my head and overwhelmed I am, I’m starting to have this unwavering confidence that has never really existed in my life before. It really comes down to this. It comes down to the fact that I am so happy that I have put myself first for the first time maybe ever and that I feel like a freaking rockstar!

I want you guys to feel this amazing endless supply of energy and endorphins that comes with this type of lifestyle.

Okay, I know that was a little preachy.

I know it was like “get your shizz together, girl!” But, please do, because I want you to thrive! I want you guys to know how important this is and I want you guys to realize how important it is to prioritize your health in this. You’re going to have long nights, you’re going to have a little bit of anxiety probably, and a whole crapload of overwhelm. The best way to mitigate that, to lessen it, and almost make it disappear it to be sure that you are getting exercise, drinking enough water, sleeping the right amount, and that you are really putting yourself first above everything. And when you do that? Miracles happen.