How to Create a Launch Plan from Scratch

Today I am going to tell you how to create a launch plan from scratch. From one virtual assistant and marketing operations specialist to all you entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, and marketing operations specialists out there. 

I am going into a launch in January of 2020. 

Do I recommend it? I’ve gone through a lot of launches in January. They normally cause a lot of stress. But, I thought I would end my 20’s how I entered them: with a lot of high stress. (I turn 30 on January 17th). And that’s it, I’ll never be stressed ever again! Great idea, right?

I am working on and I’ve finalized my launch plan. I wanted to share with you what I’ve done, what I’m going to do any why I’ve done it. I plan to launch my group program on January 20, 2020. My birthday is on January 17, 2020, which just so happens to be a Friday, so that was very convenient. I plan on going into launch 3 ½ before my birthday, which is roughly Christmas. I’ve decided for this period that I’m going to launch on the 26th or 27th of December, so it might be a little less than 3 ½ weeks. 

It might be hard the first week. 

People are binge-ing on social media but they are not necessarily buying products. It’s Christmas, they are less likely to be working on growing their business and more likely to be spending time with their family. However, I don’t know if you guys have heard of this but it’s called New Year’s and it happens one week after Christmas. 

The new year means a new start. It means new goals, new hopes, new dreams. It means new adventures. Some people know that (like myself) and want to take advantage of the new year. So, between Christmas and January 1st, it’s a weird market. I like to say to all my people, “This is what to expect, it can go one of two ways, just so you’re aware.” 

They either end up going through with it or they don’t. Sometimes it ends up being horrible and they blame me. Sometimes it ends up being awesome and they tell me, “Amy, you told me that it was going to be bad!” And I reply, “But I also told you it could be good.”

Promoting My Masterclass

On the first week I’m going to promote the crap out of my masterclass which is going to be held on… I haven’t finalized the date yet. I’m thinking the 2nd or 3rd of January. My masterclass is about marketing because my course is about marketing for virtual assistants. This masterclass will lay the foundations that they need to get in the mindset of the course. It will get them thinking about marketing, give them some strategy, and give them some action steps. They can get some actual advice and “coaching/mentoring” from me through this masterclass even though it’s for 200, 400, how many ever hundreds of people show up. They are still getting value but they don’t have to pay for it. 

After the masterclass, which will be live, I plan to not go silent for a week but not going insane either. I plan on going on an early bird pricing special five days after I go live with my masterclass training. I’m going to pitch my course on my masterclass. If you show up, I’m going to pitch you on my masterclass. It’s just going to happen, but I’m also going to give them value, as I said.

I’m going to pitch them and I’m going to say, “This is $100 off. It’s only available until this date. I’m not running ads to this, it’s only available to the people who are here right now, found out through friends, find me on social media, etc. I’m not advertising it, it’s only within the container of the people who attended the masterclass or who are in my Facebook group.” That gives them privilege and knowledge that they are in the exclusive group that receives a discount. If they don’t take advantage of it, that’s cool too.

A Marketing Challenge

I am going to sweeten the deal. As we move up to a higher level, I’m going to increase the program back to its original price. I’m going to host one week question and answer periods and hop on for mini training sessions in my Facebook group. What are we going to talk about in these mini training sessions? I don’t know. 

I’m not a last-minute type of person, but when it comes to training and it comes to me effectively communicating my message, I need to wait to see where I’m at that day. I need to see where I’m at that day, because if I plan to do mindset one day, marketing another, and yet another day for Q&A’s, it may not work out if I’m not in the right energy. Arguably, I need to be a little prepared because I need to let these people, my people, know that I’m coming.

This week is about giving extra value and letting them know that the program is still available. There’s a bonus now, which will be super amazing. If they want to join, cool. 

I’m also going to be spending this week promoting the next week which is a 5 day “Get Your Marketing Foundations Down” challenge. We are going to build upon the information that we learned in the masterclass and I’m going to give actionable steps to everyone that attends and help them build their foundations to their marketing. After the masterclass I’m going to 5 day training, that Monday to that Friday. The Friday is January 17th, aka my birthday, aka when the cart closes. 

Open the Conversation

Week 3 will be very interactive. There will be a lot of conversation in private messages, in the group, and on Facebook Lives. I’m also going to offer booking calls if they are interested in learning more about the program and in talking to me because it is a live group program. Although I’ve done the program before, it contains brand new live trainings, except for the intro training, which is a video they get to watch when they sign up.

I always do my program live, I always tailor it slightly to the group because every group is different. They are getting a lot of value by joining this. I also don’t charge that much because I understand my demographic doesn’t have an insane amount of money (most likely) to invest in their business. I don’t think what I teach needs to have a huge barrier to access it. 

This is my launch plan. I also want to explain to you that the last few days I’m going to come up with a new payment plan. It’s going to be a 11-month payment plan. It’s going to be a lesser price, something that they can chew. This will be given out in the last few days so that those people on the fence who couldn’t afford the full price will be like, “Okay, cool! I can do this now!” This will give them a last ditch opportunity.


During this final week I will be running ads, Facebook ads and possibly some other ads. To give you some crossover between my ad launch strategy and my actual launch strategy, I will be running ads when I am in pre-launch and pumping everyone up for the masterclass. These ads will only be for the masterclass which will happen in my group. The ads will send them to a landing page where they will opt in and learn that the masterclass is in my Facebook group. Since I have the opt in, I can send them personalized emails to pump up potential new clients and get them into my group.

Then I’m going to be integral to my word and shut down my ads right before the masterclass. I won’t start running ads again until the price goes back up so only my masterclass attendants will be in on the deal. Those ads will be in the form of retargeting and cold audience. They will include valuable content that will help potential clients understand the industry and understand marketing. It will include a freebie so I will get their information and I’ll have information to go to my Facebook group. I haven’t figured out what I’m doing for Instagram yet but I will because I love specializing stuff on Instagram.

I will send retargeting ads. This means that if people have already visited the sales page before I will be sending out another ad to entice them to come back. During the week of the challenge, I’ll sell hard ad-wise. I’ll look at what’s converting and what’s not and turn off whatever isn’t working and keep on what is. I’ll also budget more for the direct sales page ads. That will be mostly retargeting. Retargeting means people who have had some form of interaction with you. 

That’s my launch plan.

Lastly I want to say that I have a one month, pre-launch ad campaign. This will probably run from American Thanksgiving to December 20th. This will be value. Value, value, value. I may provide some opt-in freebies as well. I won’t be promoting the masterclass because it’s too far out, but I will provide a lot of freebies that will get them onto my list.

This looks like a launch plan I’d help a client with. It’s very similar. I want to remind you of one thing. The reason I’m doing all these things in my Facebook group and doing all this pre-launch prep (running ads, providing trainings, etc.) is because I am providing a gateway. Maybe you haven’t been talking to your list lately (through social media or email) and providing value. If you suddenly bombard them with a product after you went radio silent, you aren’t providing your list anything. You’re simply selling. You need a gateway so you don’t lose subscribers and followers. It’s important for you to warm up your audience.

Take my plan for example. Let me start out by saying I haven’t been emailing my list like I should be, letting them know of new podcasts, Youtube videos, and blog posts. For this pre-launch month, I’ll be sending them emails saying, “Hey! Did you see what I made last month? Did you see what I did the other day?” I’ll be giving this as a value to them.

Hopefully this helps jog your brain a little bit when it comes to creating your own launch plan. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to me @amy.demone on Instagram or send me an email at If you have any topics you’d like me to talk about, please get in contact with me. I’m here to deliver and speak on what you want.