How To Go Viral

This isn’t your regular “how to go viral” post. In fact, it’s actually a post telling you to do the exact opposite. 

I’m writing this “how to go viral” post today because I think if we want to make as big of an impact as we say we do, we need to focus on quality and connection over vanity metrics and virality. This goes for all virtual assistants, online service providers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want to make it.

Finding out “how to go viral” shouldn’t be your first priority.

Now, listen. If you are the type of person that is someone who only dreams of hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram, then you do you, boo. However, you might need to go read another blog because this is probably not the type of blog for you. 

What I’m trying to do is help you learn to create long-term success by building the required foundations in your business. If you’re able to hash it all out at the beginning, or at least get a fair amount of organization, marketing strategy, and everyday operating procedures of your business down, you’ll be good to go. I’m talking activities such as about how you’re going to collect leads, how you’re going to schedule your content, and how you’re going to schedule time to work in your business and in your everyday as well. Get your foundations down, and you’ll be golden.

This is about creating long-term success with long-term strategies.

Instead of learning how to go viral, I urge you to google something else. Google something like, “how to make sure my client is happy,” “communication strategies for virtual assistant agencies,” or, “soulful sales so I don’t feel or come across as icky, sucky, slimy, or gross.” 

You need to invest in these foundations first before you start thinking about going viral and gaining tens of thousands of followers. Let’s say you don’t. Let’s say you go viral and have all these people, but no way of organizing your business to meet their needs. Will you be able to meet their needs or will you fail them? I say focus on your foundations, not going viral.

But, what do I know? My social media presence isn’t very impressive. I haven’t made more than $100,000 in my business. But, I’m really happy and I feel like I’ve made a huge impact in the world, so I guess it really depends what your priorities are.