How To Organize Your Business with Systems

Oh man, am I someone who has fought and fought and FOUGHT with creating good systems in her business, so getting to chat to Denise was exactly what I needed.

Systems is a total buzzword these days, but hear me out. Buzzwords are buzzwords FOR A REASON. You should pay attention to them.

In definition, business systems relate to a procedure or process that are used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers

OK – if I lost you – remember that big ole binder you had to read through when you got your first job, about how to make coffee a certain way, or how long to wait until a movie ends to turn up the lights – you get the hint.

It’s basically an outline of everything you do in your business, from organizational structures to how-tos on how to set up an email to your email list, or your brand colors. Basically, it’s a very nice way of saying it’s all the rules to follow in this business.

But it’s even more than that, it starts to become part of your brand, your business and your life. So you need to get them asap – especially if you’ve got big dreams like me.

If you’re someone like myself, you are going to fight yourself for too long before you kick that butt into gear – and nobody got time for that.

As Denise says – you’d be dead in the water without them. Systems set your business up for success and they’re the foundation for you to be able to leave your business, go on vacation and not worry that your people don’t know what to do.

Something I noticed within my own business is whenever something wasn’t working I always felt like I was “reinventing the wheel” and had I had my systems down, I could have modified or them rather than started over.

This is the MAIN reason I know that I need to get my butt into gear sooner rather than later (and I already have made MAJOR headway in the system department – thank you @TrelloLikeABoss). For example, I know how important it is to have your customer service procedure down. It’s the number one thing that is going to set you apart. ESPECIALLY when you start to grow!

Having a system in place for customer service also helps practice things like reducing labor costs or being in the dark on how to do something effectively. When you hold yourself accountable it can be ugly, in the beginning, but it’s super important to have a measurable process to make sure you are operating at your highest capacity. As Denise suggests – you need to use the Kiss Method.

I am talking about the Keep It Simple Stupid.

I get it – you’re nervous about starting such a huge project and that’s no bueno. But because I know how important it is for you to commit to something that you know for sure will help your business – the LAST thing you need is to create even more work for yourself. Again – aint nobody got time for that.

And that’s exactly why I interviewed Denise Griffitts on the pod. Yup, I went there.

The main question I asked her was, “For people that are nervous about starting their to build systems in their business, what evidence do you have to change their mind?” Man did she deliver! Get ready to have your mind blown with tips and tricks on setting up crucial systems in your biz.

Denise’s Insight

As a woman who got started in online business early on, there weren’t that many people to show her the ropes – there were no courses, no coaches or consultants specializing in the online biz.

After a lot of trial and error, Denis realized that she needed to get those foundations in place in the operation part of your business, in order to set you up for success long term. Denise realized that there were two main questions you could ask yourself to kickstart your system’s process.

She shared them with us:
-What is repetitive?
-Where can you free up your time?

And if you need even more reason to start this, always remember that wasted time = wasted money. UMM NO THANKS.

Tips to Remember

1. When creating processes, update them regularly and make a date with yourself weekly/monthly to hold yourself accountable.
2. Share them to help people learn – There are 2 type of learners and I can bet you have a mixture of both on your team.
      a) Auditory Learners
      b) Visual Learners


In relation to numero uno above, I’m talking about document everything you do in your business. Are you a life coach that does all the work. I know you are going to want to outsource at least some aspects of your business eventually. And if you’re any bit of a control freak like myself, you’ll be at ease giving your new team member a step by step guide on how to do A, B, and C – am I right!?

Now numero dos is in relation to the way you document and explain your processes. Software has some a long way in a short few years – and I am lucky to see that’s become available. Loom is a FANTASTIC tool to help you record your Standard Operating Procedures. It’s allows you to screen share + voice so you can show someone how to do something. Now, I don’t suggest this be the only way to document – having written word is imperative to your SOPs doc. FACT. *said in Dwight Schrute voice*

Other things to note is the importance of keeping your systems in a central location so that they can be easily accessed from anywhere like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Use collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, or Voxer to keep you and the team organized and communication open. At any given moment of the day, you should know what your team has in the works and by using one of these tools you will!

Remember, systems need to be updated and studied regularly so mark it in your calendar. This is where I urge you to stay on top of it! 

And lastly, don’t underestimate your team, I see a lot of entrepreneurs forget that they have people on their team that have other skill sets than what they had originally hired them for. Remember that maybe your accountant is also an aspiring graphic designer or maybe your social media virtual assistant also knows a thing or two about funnels. Use those on your team to help create a plan to reach that big picture of yours. You’re about to make history and your need a team on your side.

Learn How Denise’s Systems Are Set-up

Denise will be the first to admit she is kickin’ it old school and there is nothing wrong with that! She found a system that works for her and she is killing it.

She keeps her passwords on an Excel spreadsheet. All of the information she needs from clients or vise verse is sent through DropBox. She can find it quickly and knows the info is secure. Her clients (and yours!) want to know they are being taken care of and handled by a professional. By implementing these systems confidently you are projecting just in your brand, and clients appreciate it!

Success Rituals

Denise also has a morning routine and she Calls it a “Gratitude system”. She jumpstarts her day with positivity and sets the day’s tone. Whether she meditates or reads a book, she can be found in the backyard grounding herself and taking a timeout.

Start implementing the great advise Denise has given us and get your systems in place now so that you can take time off later.

Please note, that there is by no means a one size fit all system for everyone out there. You have to feel it out – which is another reason why it’s even more important to start NOW.

So with all this being said, get yourself a system. Not only will you find that you’ll be less stressed but you’ll be way more organized – take it from me!

Probably one of the most important systems we need as entrepreneurs is a strong onboarding system. Not only is it the first system that we introduce our clients to, but it sets that tone of our relationship with them. Part of that entails a Client Welcome Packet.

A Client Welcome Packet is the client’s map to what they should expect from you. It lets them know how you work and that phone calls at 10:00 pm ain’t gonna fly(it happens more than you think).

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry – I got you! I have created a free Client Welcome Packet that you can use as a cheat sheet to create your own, woot woot! You can get it here!