How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

It’s important to shift your mindset of change from fear of the unknown and a challenge to thinking of it as an adventure. Thinking of a change as an adventures makes you super excited to go and do. On an adventure, you come up with things out of the blue and are constantly striving towards a goal. Your whole mindset is focused on doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

So many people are terrified by the word change. This plays into the marketing aspect of their businesses. When it comes to change, people usually think, “I don’t want to do this! It’s going to be hard! I’ll have to do more work.” They decide that things are going to be hard, difficult, or a downright pain in the butt.

How do you get ready to change?

Some people rather slowly chip away at their goal and not jump in with both feet. While there are some situations in life this might be needed in, I do not recommend doing this. You need to be committed to your goal. You need to decide that this is what you’re going to do and you’ll get there however you have to get there.

The truth is that change is scary because you are leaving your old self behind. You are doing more work and changing not only your business but your life. The unknown can definitely be scary, but with self-development you are changing into a better version of yourself. Starting a business is self-development. You have to know yourself. Only then can you change your mindset.

To start your business, write down your goals. I know you’ve seen those other articles that say “write down your goals, find your why, make a vision board.” I’m going to say it too. Write down your goals. Why? It’ll help you get crystal clear about what you want to do. Go deeper. Figure out your why. Why do you want to do this? What wishes will it fulfill? Imagine how it will feel, your routine, how you spend your time. 

Then, DO IT. Make small changes every day. Maybe you make your way to waking up at 5 AM or you start exercising for an hour a day. Perhaps you time block your calendar and make sure you work for an hour a day furthering your business.

Remind yourself of your vision for your life consistently. Consistency is key to retraining your brain and making your dreams a reality. I think you should go over your vision at least once a day, if not three times a day, especially when you are first starting out.

Who are you trying to become?

I already said it before and I’ll say it again: business is self-development. You have to change your mindset. So think about it this way, “who am I trying to become?”

Are you a person who doesn’t want to commit to your business in case something better comes along? Or are you a person who’s on fire for making their dreams come true?

Colton Trout says:

“Are you trying to become someone who is a teeter totter, where one minute you are super hot, saying, ‘Yes! I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this!’ and the next second you think, ‘I don’t know.’ Or are you going to be somebody who is on fire for your mission? Are you working to create a character for yourself who is a shining light in a dark room for your clients? 

“Are you somebody who is whole-heartedly engulfed in your passion for what you’re doing? Or are you somebody who is going to wait on the sidelines for a few years in order to achieve your success? Or are you going to do it today?”

Change is scary. I like the teeter totter idea. One side is what you know and where you are comfortable. The other side is the unknown, the place you stretch yourself and learn. Where you are is the side that’s comfortable. You know what to expect, and you feel like you have control. The other side of the teeter totter will be a new territory. You know it will be different and that you’ll have to grow and change.

You have to acknowledge that your comfort zone is there but also decide you want something more and commit to moving toward it.

Passion isn’t a job

Passion isn’t a job or an item. It’s an energy form that we put into anything and everything. We can put a level of passion into our relationships, career, or business.

One of the most difficult things entrepreneurs suffer from is creating a level of passion which transforms into energy on a consistent enough basis to accomplish their goals in a quicker time frame. The reason most entrepreneurs take 5 to 30 years to really reach their success is because they keep starting and stopping. They keep applying band-aid fixes or they have no idea how to create enough passion within what they are doing to consistently put in the work. To fix this, they have to change their mindset.

Dabbling Versus Going All In

There are consequences to dabbling. The same goes for going all in. If you dabble, you’re not properly impacting and serving your audience. Dabbling keeps your life the same.

Going all in changes your life. Not only that, it changes your family’s life, your friends lives, and your clients lives. It can potentially impact the lives of people all around the world.

How badly do you want the things you want?

Do you want them bad enough to see them? To feel them? To make massive waves, to make your dreams come true, you’re going to have to make a change in your life! I know it’s uncomfortable and scary, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes it changing your mindset.

Colton leaves us with some words of wisdom:

“I live what I call a “Today’s the Day” lifestyle. I call it this because yesterday is in the past and we can never get it back, and tomorrow is always in the future and we will never reach it. This leaves us in a never ending cycle of today. It’s only up to us to determine the actions that we take and the life that we live today. So go out there and crush your goals! Fill in the blank: Today’s the day that I __________.

“Maybe today’s the day you crush your whatever goal. Perhaps today is the day you talk to such and such. Maybe it’s the day you go live. Whatever it is, fill in the blank and go out to crush your goals today. Don’t wait for tomorrow and don’t let it be in the past. Today is the day.”

*This blog post was taken from The Virtually Free Podcast with Amy Demone with special guest Colton Trout. Listen here.*