Leave Clients Who Suck

Okay, guys, I’m going to be real with you in today’s whiny little message about how you need to leave clients who suck. 

It’s the end of the day. I finished recording a few other podcasts. I’m just chilling, doing my thing… and I just got. so. annoyed. 

I asked myself, “Why am I annoyed, Amy? I’m never annoyed.” 

(That’s not true, I’m always annoyed).

But I continued, “What’s going on? You just had one heck of a day.”

I’m going to tell it to you straight: clients can sometimes fucking suck. 

Can I get an amen? Like, god, they are the worse. Now, I need to note that I’m not talking about my current clients. My current clients are pretty dope. One I don’t really talk to because she’s 7 hours ahead of my time. But the other one, I love her to pieces. 

I’m talking about the old ones. The ones who really helped me learn to set boundaries, having some damn self-worth, and to not put up with any client’s shit. I mean, I probably wasn’t the best virtual assistant. However, if you can’t put the required amount of time in your business to properly give me direction and to answer my questions, regardless of how long I’ve been with you, I don’t think I need to bring that same level of energy to your business. If it’s a “how to do this skill” question, that’s one thing, but if it’s just for clarification on projects and tasks… I mean, this is just my own opinion, but come on!

I definitely don’t think that’s fair in my business. I would never in a million years make my team try to chase me down and hold down the fort. I wouldn’t expect them to do everything without any guidance where I just sit back, watch, and wait. No way. I work for them and with them. 

Gary Vaynerchuk says this and I truly believe it. 

“You work for your team members. They are the ones making your life better, so you should help them. You should be gracious to answer their questions. They care enough to make sure they do it right.” Do you know how hard it is to get an employee like that sometimes? I know, virtual assistants aren’t employees, but from just an everyday, real-life perspective. That’s difficult! It’s not their business. They aren’t building their empire.

I mean, my team members are, because they are contracting to me, they are making money, blah, blah, blah, I get that. You need to realize that the actual work they are doing is helping you build yours. The least you can do is answer a damn question or two. 

These people who get all frazzled are extremely unprofessional. 

Granted, I get frazzled all the time since I have severe anxiety and my clients know that and they’re cool with it because we are friends now. They’d be like, “You duck duck duck duck duck duck, here’s a page. Just read it.” And the page doesn’t even make sense. I’m not banging on their anxiety, one anxious person to another. 

When that energy is pushed onto the virtual assistant, it’s like, “Because I’m anxious you now have to move the fastest you can even though I got it to you four days too late I actually want it done before I originally said. Even though I got it to you four days late.” 

The worst thing, guys? I used to say, “Yeah, sure. Absolutely! No problem. Let me help you with that.” Then maybe I got less helpful as time went on over the years (I laugh because I’m sure some people think that). But it wasn’t only that. 

I started to only want to work with people who sat in integrity. That’s something that will happen over your virtual assistant. You will have clients – and everything single solitary virtual assistant I’ve ever spoken to has had one of these clients – that you don’t get along with, that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself and your work. I don’t mean that they are going to butter you up and tell you that you are amazing. However, if they belittle you or stress you out, then it’s time to say, “Okay, bye!”

And I know you probably won’t leave.

You say, “Yes, Amy! I have those clients who suck and they are THE WORST.” And I feel you! But you won’t leave because you need the money. I know that. Same person, right here.

I talk to you guys because I know you guys! Some of you are dealing with very icky life circumstances that bleed into your business and setting boundaries is one of those icky life things. I never set any good boundaries in my relationships. I let men walk all over me. My parents and I… Woo, not great. And yes, it’s definitely come out in my business before. It’ll probably come out into yours (unless you’re just the most professional person I’ve ever met – congratulations! – but if you are, you’re probably not going to be reading this).

Leave that client.

I feel you and I promise you this. A better client will come along, but you have to stick in your integrity as well. I find that when you fall out of your own is when you attract those people who are also out of theirs. I know that’s a little woo-woo sounding, but you attract where you’re at.

Let’s say you’ve decided on what you want but a potential client reaches out and they are not within those parameters and flashes you the cash. You’re like “Ooo, that money,” and you choose to work with them, even though they aren’t your ideal client and they won’t bring you what you’ve decided you want. You’re out of integrity right there.

You’re chasing the money.

You’re not following the parameters you set for yourself beforehand. The relationship will crumble with that client, you’ll learn that. You’ll learn it the hard way, but you’ll learn.

I want to give you the confidence to leave that client/virtual assistant relationship because it will get better. As you get better, as you learn how to sell the phenomenal skills that you have, your client’s potential, lovingness, and happiness will match that fun stuff. Yeah! I want to work with her because she’s happy, she’s in her element, she’s doing what she loves! She gets up every day and she’s taking on the world!

It’s great. It takes a long time to get there sometimes though. The first thing you can do to get there? Leave that client. Leave that clients who suck now, instead of two months down the road when it essentially crumbles or they run away because that happens too.

That’s it for this dreary blog post today.

Okay, guys. I hope you got some tips and maybe a little bit of motivation to do that thing. Chat with you next time!

P.S. Do you need to leave clients who suck, but don’t know how to get started? This article in Forbes has you covered!