Offering Facebook Ads as a Virtual Assistant Service

Should you offer Facebook ads as a virtual assistant service? If you know what you’re doing, what’s stopping you? This article covers Facebook ads and the importance of niching down.

Niche Down

It’s important to niche down. You can niche down in what you offer. You can niche down on who you offer it to. “But why should I niche Amy?” Good question. Let me explain it to you this way. Not niching can result in marketing problems in your business. You could attract all kinds of people. Even those you know for a fact you DO NOT want to work with.

“But Amy, what do I do if I don’t know how to niche down?” I hear you. You still need to niche. Niche your services. By this I mean become a master of a few offerings like content creation, podcasting, or marketing. Niche to your ideal client. How? Ask yourself, “Who do I love working with?” There’s your answer.

During my podcast episode with Rebecca Thatcher, she said this about niching:

“I think it had to do with how I started my business. I started my business in 2017. I worked very much within my local area. I started having in-person events and holding local training sessions. I think because of that I naturally attracted local business owners with brick-and-mortar style businesses. Therefore, the leads and the work just came naturally from that space.

At that time I was working as a general social media consultant that specialized in Facebook ads it seemed to make sense. I quickly came to learn who I loved to work with and what services I loved to provide. By the end of that year, I had only been in business for six months.

I noticed it was Facebook ads that the market needed help with and that I loved to provide. I’m really analytical and a bit of a data nerd. It just felt right for me to offer that as my only service.”

Finding Your Ideal Client

When you find that ideal market and those ideal clients, it’s like this weight is being lifted off of your shoulders. It feels like it finally says “You are where you need to be. These are the people who you need to help.” They are are the ones that understand the value and that need your help. 

When you act as a support or an ally to your ideal client, there’s a duality feeling. You feel like, “I get to do what I love and I’m getting paid for it! Plus I’m also helping my ideal client!” Not to feel all girly and emotional but it’s like, “Everyone’s in love and it’s great!” 

When you work with a client who doesn’t match your ideal client, your values may not match up. For example, with Facebook ads, you may have a client who is looking just to make money off of them. However, one of your values is to help people. It won’t feel as fulfilling helping this client with their ads as it will when you help an ideal client change people’s lives. 

Facebook Ads

Expenditure on all types of social media ads is rising. The return is great right now, but it is changing. The market is getting smarter. People are starting to see when you are trying to make money off of them versus actually trying to help them. Consumers are becoming savvier.

There are new concepts and terms now. Blindness is one of them. The average consumer is shown something around the number of 15 ads a minute. Because of the number of ads they are being shown, people scroll right past the ad and don’t acknowledge it at all. Times are changing and human behaviour patterns are changing. It’s important to take these into account.

Consider the environment that your ideal clients take part of right now and respect it. They didn’t come to Instagram or Facebook to be advertised to. They came to browse, to connect with friends, and to watch some videos. They didn’t expect that you would show them that advert and disrupt their experience.

Think, “I only have a second of this person’s time. I need to make something that is worth their while and worth my while.” You’re going to put a lot of energy into making an advertisement, so make it worth it. Make a great experience for your dream customer that will encourage them to read on and develop that relationship with them.

Offer Value

I come from the marketing ethos to give so, so, so much value. I would argue that the way I give value is seen in the industry that I give too much. Honestly, I believe that what I give will come back. I’m in a virtual assistant industry and I know this: you can give a lot of it away for free and people still don’t want to do the work. They’d rather hire you than put in the amount of time and energy it takes to do xyz service.

 Many people don’t believe this. They believe if they tell all their secrets that they won’t make any money. I’m glad to report that this is not the case. Think of it this way, when they see all the steps it takes to run a Facebook ad campaign they think, “It takes that much work? Oh, my goodness! I’d rather pay money to have someone run a campaign.”

It’s all about connection. You could offer your dream customers a free call, a lead page with a video series, a printable… there are so many possibilities! The majority of the marketing you do should be driving toward personal connection. People are tired of automation. They want to talk to a real, live human being. Lead with integrity and serve your people. You don’t have to have an in-your-face sales pitch. Build your foundations first and the conversions will follow. 

Marketing and sales used to be different. Marketing was one department, and after marketing was done, sales would come in and finish the sell. Now it’s amalgamated. Marketing is more prevalent because of the organic reach of social media platforms. 

We Love to Help People.

This is why we as entrepreneurs start our businesses. We come into this online space with our skills knowing that we have a service we can offer that will solve so many people’s problems. Sure, we are going to be paid for it, but we know it’s going to help others.

It’s advantageous to both parties, so there’s no power struggle. We (us and our clients) come together to grow faster than we would have if our client was working on their business by themselves. 

By shifting to your ideal client, it allows you to channel your skillset and help people at a deeper level. 

Should You Offer Facebook Ads as a Service?

Short answer: YES. Longer answer: Yes. Offering Facebook ads will still be a relevant service going into 2020. Facebook will still have a strong foothold in the online space. 

If you want to consider this as an additional service, ask yourself this: “Would I enjoy it?” To learn a new skill set, market it, and offer it at a high standard that will impress your clients and attract more leads, you have to enjoy it. If you’re not analytical or tech-savvy, it may not be for you.

In terms of market demand, it’s not going anywhere. It has become more expensive because of large corporations realizing that it’s a great, cost-effective way to advertise. These corporations are changing their ads from television commercials, where they can only share one message to the masses, to invest it in Facebook ads, where they can target their ideal customer.

Even though this is happening, Facebook ads are still one of the most cost-effective and potentially successful ways to advertise. It makes sense to offer Facebook ads as a service if you know it, work in social media, and enjoy it. It’s not going anywhere and your clients will probably ask you for it anyway. 

Please, please, please, if you offer it, invest in your own education. Take courses on Facebook ads so you can offer the best services and do the very best for your clients. This way you can be successful in offering it as a service. 

Get Crafty

You can personalize who you target on Facebook, thus you can personalize the ad. This isn’t just Facebook, but basically any ad in the online space (Google ads, Instagram ads, Youtube ads, etc.). 

And even better? People want this. They want to be understood at a whole new level. They don’t want a canned response of, “You want more freedom?” They want to hear, “You want more freedom because you have a job that is weighing you down, a husband that sucks, and your cat just peed on your couch.”

You probably wouldn’t make an ad like that, but it’s very specific. That’s what the people want. It doesn’t leave you guessing if the ads for you or not. The best Facebook ad marketers out there are the ones that create the most successful campaigns on the facts of what their ideal client needs and wants.

You have to be skilled, analytical, and creative. You have to know your target audience very well. If you don’t, you need to do some market research. Facebook ads will weed out the mediocre from the great.

Rebecca Thatcher leaves us with some words of wisdom:

“If I was in front of a group of new entrepreneurs, I would want to tell them to just go into this new journey with an open mind. You might start your business, your entrepreneurial journey, very certain that there is this best business idea that you want to start and run with. But as you do it you’ll quickly learn that things change so rapidly.

It’s about being open-minded to that change. The entrepreneurial journey is a rollercoaster and there are definitely peaks, but times can be challenging as well. Have an open mind, don’t be afraid to change course a little bit, and just evolve with the journey and the progress that you make.

I know I certainly had to be open-minded, and I was a very organized, routine-based person going in with a plan. I had to deviate, which didn’t feel quite right for me, but I just had to go with it. You need to trust your instincts a little bit in business.”

*This blog post was taken from The Virtually Free Podcast with Amy Demone with special guest, Rebecca Thatcher. Listen here.*