Practical Advice for Virtual Assistants Part 1

I think one of the most important things that virtual assistants need to realize is that you are in the business of selling. If you have a product or service, you have to be in the business of selling. It doesn’t have to be icky or slimy or gross. What it does need is to be is consistent and you need to be comfortable while doing it.

I’m a believer in the fact that you need to stay true to your brand, whatever that it. If it means you’re overly friendly, shy, or whatever your brand is categorized as you need to stay true to it. Why? Because your brand, in essence, is you. You are essentially selling your own services so you have to sell them as yourself.

In order to sell them as yourself and not be afraid of selling your services is to get out there and network. So many of us think that “This virtual assistant life is for me! I’m going to hide behind the computer. I don’t have to get out and meet people, and I’m going to get a million clients. Everyone is going to love me.” WRONG. That’s not going to happen.

You’ve got to get out there.

You’ve got to go to networking events. There’s a huge community of female entrepreneurs (and male entrepreneurs) out there in all cities around the world. Whether you live in a small town of 10,000 people or a big city of 3,000,000, you’re likely to have a group near you. Get out there and get seen.

I know a lot of us are nervous. “But we don’t have any clients!” You might say. This is setting you up for success. You are going to network. Don’t necessarily worry about selling yet. You’ll say, “Hi, I’m a virtual assistant!” People will respond, “What is that?” Then you can tell them, “Well, I work virtually and help entrepreneurs/business owners defeat the overwhelm by taking over their mundane tasks so they can focus on their business.”

You might get a response like these two.
“Oh, my god, I need that in my life. I’ve been an entrepreneur trying to do that alone,” they might say. How exciting will that be?
“I’ve actually been thinking about hiring some help. I can’t believe I haven’t met you before. Can you tell me more about it?” They might ask. This is the perfect opportunity to fill them in on what you do and how you can help them. Selling to them might be an option in the future.

People don’t know where to find a virtual assistant.

People don’t always know that all the Facebook groups, Instagram profiles, and LinkedIn pages that can connect to you. They don’t think that way. They literally don’t know how you go about finding a virtual assistant. People are so scared of accidentally messaging a bot on Facebook or LinkedIn and paying them and they just imagine the worst things.

We need to remember that people want to buy from people that they know, like, and admire. If you can get out there and engage with them, in person or online, be it simply liking their posts or pictures or saying hi at networking luncheons, it’s only going to grow your business. Selling will be an option. Get out there and network, both in-person and online, so you can grow some connections.


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