Repurposing Content: A Must-Have Skill

Do you repurpose content? If not, it’s time to think about doing so! I answered two questions about repurposing content in a Facebook Live. I repurposed them here. 

Should You Repurpose Content?

“I’m thinking about trying to repurpose content even though I don’t have long-form text or video right now. For example, I’m fascinated by the ability to take one piece and turn it into ten. I have an idea of how to do this. What’s your opinion on offering this as a service? Do you think this is useful, and if so how would this service match another?”

Yes, this is a great service. In my opinion, the golden age of the internet is over. You need to remember this. Arguably, we are still in the same period. As we advance, so does digital marketing and the ability to get seen by your audience. You’re going to have to produce a lot more content for it to be as awesome as it used to be five or six years ago.

I was actually talking about this today on a podcast. My guest and I were talking about how the people that are big and amazing at what they do have these awesome courses, but the way that they teach isn’t inclusive to everybody that learns because it’s not as engaging. It’s only thinking of one form of teaching, so my guest and I were talking about how they need to put more thought into creating those courses.

With this said, you’re going to have to create way more content in able to get seen like you used to. It’s a fact. Everyone can’t create a new post for every single platform. It would be ridiculous. Plus, the same people aren’t seeing them. There are different types of people on different platforms. Maybe you crossover and you hang out on Facebook and Instagram. Whatever you’re on, you know that you get different content on different platforms. More content is better. That means the more you repurpose your content, the better.

This Service Would Be Very Useful. 

I would say that the service itself depends on how you would structure your packages. If it’s a one-and-done-package giving them an instructional way to do it, I would charge for that or even offer it as a freebie for your list because it gives extreme value. It’s very important to remember that people don’t like doing the work anymore. The people who are willing to actually do the work and get their hands dirty have such an advantage over the people who are only willing to put so much work in.

Another useful tip to remember is that people are going to hire you to implement what you know. You’re not telling them how you do it but rather doing it for them so they can take their time back. Virtual assistants and service providers in the done-for-you service space, they are paying you to give them more time.

It’s a great idea to do this. If you made a freebie to opt into your list and gave them that for free, you could create a funnel or email sequence to get them to book a call with you. You could then offer that to them as a service. They’ll say, “Wow! This girl knows so much stuff. I definitely want to book a call with her!” Be very clear on what the call is about. If you don’t, if your marketing or message isn’t clear, they’ll be confused about what the call is about and will end up wasting both of your time.

Gain clarity about yourself too. Is this the only thing you’re going to offer in this package? Or is it the only thing you’re going to offer service-wise in your business? Keep this in mind as you seek to repurpose your content

Developing the Service 

“What steps do you think I need to take to learn how to do it? I have issues with organization and productivity hacks but I like to be able to organize my email, batch content, block my time, and all the other fun stuff.”

Honestly, this is the stuff you have to learn through doing. I recently started this as well and I say you just have to do it. Practice using someone else’s content if you have to. Use it to hook people in to become your client. You can say, “Hey! I’m developing this service and I think it’s of great value. I want to offer it to you for free. Here are the stipulations.” You can ask for a testimonial in return, that gets you social proof that shows you’ve established yourself with this service.

This is also a great way to pitch someone. It’s a soft pitch, you’re not going to say “Look at this amazing thing I did, not hire me!” Instead, you say, “If you’d like any more help with anything, here are all my details and services I offer. Thank you for giving me a great testimonial.”

People like it when you gift them things. When you’re learning and starting to implement things that you don’t have evidence that they work yet, it’s great to rely on clients that like you and have been attracted to you to help you develop a skill. It’s advantageous to both of you because you’re getting a testimonial and they are getting something for free.

Repurposing Content In Action

To learn to repurpose content, you should look on youtube. They have so many instructional videos on everything. In the next year or two I think many people will start realizing the importance of repurposing their content so starting now while you’re ahead of the game is great. I would make it multi-faceted and not rely on only two platforms. 

Create a youtube video or use a youtube video as an example just to get in the process so there’s no pressure on you and you can do it on your own time. There are so many social media platforms you can use. Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, so you want to have it to be all-encompassing.

It’s important to get into this habit for your own business. Repetitive repurposing of content will make this easier on your own brain and make it a smoother process. You can do it for your own content, you don’t have to put it on the back burner because you’re working for other clients. I think this is something that happens often when you get to the stage where you’re working for clients in your business. You think you’ve arrived so your business maintenance and marketing go on the back burner. 

The reality is that there are going to be a whole new slew of demons. There may be organizational, client relations, productivity and time, pricing, or mindset problems. They are just another hurdle once you get to them.

Establishing a time that you work on your business every week, even if you can only find two hours, will create a great habit for you. It’s something that I only got into two and a half years into my business and I one hundred percent regret it. Learn from my mistakes. Repurpose your content and make time to work on YOUR business. You’ll be glad you did.