Software Spotlight: GreenGeeks

Boyyy, let me tell you — I have been around the ringer with quite a few hosting services. And although I have had positive experiences with them, the negative experiences seriously outweigh the bad.

Yes, I’m talking about Bluehost, GoDaddy, WP Engine, and, of course, my arch nemesis HostGator.

Back when I was first getting into the online business world (a very brief stint as a travel blogger), I researched my ass off trying to find out what hosting service to use. I settled on Bluehost. I was so sure this was the beezneez of the hosting world. I based that on the hosting suggestion of a renowned travel blogger … only to realize that I was duped.

For the first year, I had NO idea what I was doing contrary to my tech goddess status in 2017 (a nickname I earned and was named by one of my clients). Bluehost truly helped me in the first year of my business. They were patient, kind, and helpful.

But the help wait was long, and troubleshooting sometimes took about 2 hours to complete (since the customer service agents would disappear for 10-20 minutes at a time). Trying to learn about and work with their system ate up a lot of my time.

Let’s fast forward a year to when I had an almost full client load and referred my clients (WITHOUT AFFILIATE COMMISSION, MAY I ADD) to this system.

I was greatly disappointed.

I spent seemingly countless hours on hold with Bluehost due to various system failures. One of my clients even had her entire website erased. There was no apology and no reason; there was just a simple, “This happened but we don’t have a reason for you.” And that is simply not acceptable.

Half the time, I would reach a customer service rep that had no bloody idea what he or she was doing. They’d blame all my issues on Google, WordPress, or any [insert API integration] they could to think off to pass off responsibility.

At one point, I even patched in Google Help to help prove that they were insanely wrong about whatever they were telling me and that they should learn to listen to their clients better (I kid you not!). Thankfully, the Google guys were awesome and waited on hold with me — thanks Google, y’all my fav.

And after that last headache-inducing service experience, I’d had enough — I was paying too much hard-earned money to be hosted by the likes of them.

As if on cue, my first client was also in the same boat — but with HostGator. I can’t even begin to start telling you how much I hate HostGator (and I definitely won’t). Just please, for your own sanity, don’t pull that plug. Instead, she found a different hosting service called GreenGeeks, which is environmentally friendly and Canadian owned (and I swoon for homegrown talent). So, we both pulled the plug. And BOY-oh-BOY were we happy with our decision.

GreenGeeks is relatively new, but they have multiple servers all over the world and are growing fast.

Just earlier today, I got my Year-End Review Report from them (because they believe in transparency). That is something I love when it comes to a software company.

The transition from Bluehost was easy. I mean, I’m a tech VA first and foremost so I know my way around a hosting company. But the process was made even easier since they offer migration over from other hosting services for free! The best part? They have SUPER AMAZING deals.

Just the other day, I got a .com domain name and a year of hosting … for just $35 USD.

Yes, baby, you read that right! $35 USD! That’s $2.95 per month AND a domain for free. Can you say STEAL?

I’ve never had any issue with my website being down, save for when I let my domain expire on Bluehost. I didn’t even get a damned email telling me it was going to expire. Thanks for nothing, BH! This has nothing to do with GreenGeeks, though … I just wanted to point out they helped me get that issue resolved even though it had very little to do with them.

OK, now here is the BEST part.

Reaching customer support takes … are you ready for it … no more than 30 seconds — BOTH ONLINE AND ON THE PHONE.

This is unheard of! Phone systems from the biggest companies take at least 3 minutes to get through voice machine prompts. With GreenGeeks, I get to speak to a human right away. Bonus — they are helpful, they are friendly, and they care about the fact that you are giving them business.

All in all, going into the unknown and jumping ship without doing any research on the GreenGeeks hosting service ended up being one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

Sometimes, all the research in the world means nothing.

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