The Importance of Knowing Your Why

Today we are going to be talking about the importance of your why.

Your why, or the reason you’re running your own business, is one of the most important things you need to remember, day in and day out. It’s the passion that’s going to drive you to get up and go to work in the morning, to get outside your comfort zone, and do things you never thought you could. It’s going to teach you a lot of discipline and show you what areas of your life you need to work on. 

Do not make money the focus of your business.

If you make money your why, you’re not going to be happy in the long run. Remember, you’re creating your ideal life right now. You’re creating a business that allows you the freedom to travel, homeschool, or just not to put pants on. 

We need to get clear on the reason you’re so passionate about succeeding in business because it’s not going to be easy all the time. You’re going to experience fear, doubt, happiness, and confusion. You’re going to have late nights and/or early mornings. You might even cry in the shower once or twice. It’s all part of the journey and you should welcome it. 

This journey won’t mean nearly as much if it’s tied to monetary value. You’ll get to the finish line and you’ll find yourself depressed, unmotivated, and potentially wanting to quit, and we don’t want that. If any of you listening to this right now are feeling like you’re discouraged in your business and you want to quit or you don’t know the point, don’t worry. I can guarantee it’s because you don’t focus on your why.

Let me help you regain the excitement for your business that you once had.

I promise you, it’s in there. Let’s take a peek at people that you know with a very big why, and by look, I mean listen. 

As someone who has binged Gary Vaynerchuk on a long car ride across Canada (and I’m talking 30 hours worth), I can tell you that he has a very strong why. Sure, he rarely explicitly says it, but his why is to battle the depression that is slowly taking over the world. You hear about it briefly in a few of his podcasts. His idea is about a larger “let’s stop hating our life and living it” sort of deal. It’s pretty epically amazing if you ask me.

Gary Vaynerchuk has a few pillars that he focuses on: content, consistency, routine, and growth. Three of these four things really help us focus on the future. It helps you to focus on what to come, all of life’s possibilities and all positive traits that could help people suffering from a lack of joy in their lives look forward towards a brighter future. As cliche as it sounds.

Let’s take my virtual assistant Sally (not her real name). She’s a single momma that wants to be a virtual assistant so she can be happier and a better mom to her four-year-old girl. She wants to own a piece of land and grow veggies for her family to enjoy. This is what gets her out of bed in the morning, not the money.

Sure, she loves doing SEO and website building, but that’s not what motivates her. It’s knowing that even though she’s not where she wants to be in her business yet, she knows that if she keeps going and focusing on why she’s doing it, it’s going to be a lot easier to get through those tough days. 

What happens if you lose, or never had, your why?

This example is near and dear to my heart because… it’s me. When I arrived home in July of 2018 after a few months of exploring the world, and, as you do, I sunk into a pretty big rut. I was coming off a high from 10 hour work weeks, beautiful Mediterranean weather, and all that perfectly prepared food. I was also coming to the very real realization that when I didn’t have an extravagantly expensive trip ahead of me, I had very little motivation, or want, to work. 

Something didn’t feel right. I was always focused on the money. I took on clients because I thought I was thousands of dollars in debt and clients who I knew would treat me unkindly. I worked 12 hour, sometimes 18 hour days. I pulled all-nighters for clients, not because I had to but because I needed and wanted the money. 

Sure, money makes you happy, I 100% get it. You can be financially free, there’s no anxiety about paying rent or that you can’t afford that environmentally friendly clothing for your baby. It’s important to realize that money is just used in the transaction of whatever dream you really want. I want you to focus on what money allows you to do instead of the money itself.

You’re gonna need to work hard.

The hustle is real, and I think it would be unfair of me to tell you that you are going to get a perfect 5k salary contract position working 9-2, Monday to Thursday. I mean, if you do, I’m so insanely jealous of you. The reality is that you are going to have to hustle a huge amount in the beginning. And by hustle, I don’t mean kill yourself.

The common misconception of hustle means working too much and sacrificing yourself and your health for the game. What it really means is you are going to endure a little bit of not-your-ideal-life while you’re, well, creating your ideal life.

I know this sounds contradictory, but believe me, it’s not. Enjoy this time in your business. You’re going to look back on it and be so thankful that you invested time and energy into working smartly and effectively instead of wasting precious time (like me) trying to figure it out. You are in this game and you are going to get there. But if you take shortcuts now, you’re going to pay for them in the long run.

This is why I URGE YOU to get so much down at the beginning of your business. You’re going to be able to get to those 25 hour work weeks making $100,000 per month, but it’s not going to come overnight. It takes time, patience, perseverance, and some great messaging. 

Why I did it.

Once I did realize all this and I realized that I was chasing the money and I wasn’t chasing my ideal life, I sat down with myself and got really honest. Why the heck was I running this business anyway? Why did I do this when I could just show up for a real job and I wouldn’t have the insane pressure you have working as a virtual assistant and a done-for-you service provider? This is what I came up with.

  • I wanted the flexibility to wake up in the morning whenever I want, whether that was 6 in the morning, 2 in the morning, or 2 in the afternoon.
  • I wanted the ability to also hang out with my dog all day.
  • I needed the ability to travel when I want without the stipulations of a two or three-week vacation.
  • I want to make a name for myself.
  • I also want to help others battle issues with mental health, especially in the online business world.
  • Another realization for me was that I wanted others to be able to have control of their life, and have the ability to show them that no one is stopping them but themselves.

The list goes on, but those are the top 6 reasons I do what I do. 

This is my challenge to you: find your why.

I want you to sit down and come up with the top 5 reasons you’re running your online business. Don’t make it about the money. Make it about your dream life, your ideal life, and remember it. Keep it close to your heart. Keep it stuck on a sticky note on your computer, on a bulletin board, or as the background of your phone. Wake up every single solitary day excited to work towards those goals that you see. I know you’ve got this.