She is known as The Minion Queen online and has been for 8 plus years, and yes she does answer the phone as such as well. She has been in IT for 25 plus years. She has owned her own businesses for 20 plus years when her son was young this was just for spending money etc. She has sold Tupperware, MaryKay, LemonGrassSpa, She has spoken to a group of 7,500 people and to groups of 1. She has done webinars to hundreds. She gets paid to write articles for IT publications. She is SEVERELY Dyslexic, have an Auditory Processing Disorder and a Visual Spatial Learning Disability and ADHD (now go back and read the previous to this sentence).

The Minion Queen is a Business and Social Marketing Strategist. Time Management and Planning Queen and Fairy Trainer. An ex-missionary, big sister to 3 others (all much younger than her), Wife to a drummer & guitarist (one guy I promise), Rockstar Singer (ok well that might be pushing it, but she does sing in a bar band), Mom to a 20-year-old and puppy mom too!!

The Minion Queen is living proof that you can do and have it all. It’s hard work, it takes time and her Mindset has to be ABOVE THE CLOUDS most every day. But that is a Habit and a Love of hers to always be the one who can see where she needs to go and make it happen. It takes lots of time and effort but she sees, she goes she conquers. Rockstar Fairy Queen’s can take over the world!!!


Books + Personality Tests:

Mindset: The Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Style Your Mind by Cara Alwill Leyba

16 Personalities – Personality FREE Test

Amy Demone: So today I have the Minion Queen with me. Welcome so much. How are you today?

Minion Queen: I am very good.

Amy Demone: Awesome. So why don’t you start by telling us what it is you do and where the name “the Minion Queen” came from?

Minion Queen: Sure. Well I own four business. Three of them are all IT based. I’m in the process of selling them actually, so I’m very soon to be just in my passion business, and in my passion business, I do business strategy, marketing and social media strategy, and then time management and planning. Then the last piece that I do that really ties all of those pieces together is fairy training, which is teaching you how to really be your personal brand online.

Amy Demone: Amazing.

Minion Queen: “The Minion Queen” as a name was actually a joke. About 10 years ago in the IT world, I was picking on my team and the first Minion had just come out, and I called them a bumbling bunch of minions. Somebody changed my name on an online forum and it stuck. Within about seven days, I started receiving crowns and Minions. I’m to nine crowns now and 148 Minions.

Amy Demone: Wow.

Minion Queen: It’s a little ridiculous.

Amy Demone: That’s amazing. Today you’re going to talk about time management. Tell me at what point in your business did you realize time management and planning were essential?

Minion Queen: For me, it was three years into my current position as a CEO for an IT business. When I first started with them, I was an assistant to the president of the company. It was owned by an outside board of directors, and I knew three of the people on the board. Had grown up with them. I was like, “There’s something fishy going on with this guy. I don’t know.” I was very uncomfortable at first, and so they promoted me and said, “You step in, you take over. You seem to know what’s going on.” It was supposed to be a temporary position. It was not a temporary position; ended up being a full-time, permanent position for me. About three years into that, I lost a big client because I was just so disorganized and not controlling my own chaos. I learned very quickly that I needed to figure out how to do that. I’m ADD and I’m dyslexic, so I had to find a unique way to do it because a regular planner just isn’t going to do it. It’s not meant for planning. It’s pretty, and I collect them, and I have way too many of them, but they don’t really help you plan.

Minion Queen: So I designed my own planning system to help me be able to really control my chaos and control everybody else’s chaos because I had a whole team I was working with and all kinds of things I was doing. I think I just got to that point of I couldn’t handle the chaos anymore, so I had to step up and figure out how to do it. I have a system I designed that really, really helped, and now I sell it and I work with online entrepreneurs to help them utilize it. It’s really based on project management and really dividing things up, and conquering your chaos, and being able to control your personal life and business life all in one without losing your mind.

Amy Demone: That sounds awesome. I know a lot of the listeners tend to be a little bit new in online business, so I would love for you to kind of speak to, other than what you’ve already said, but speak about the importance of time management. When I look back in my, I want to say like first few months but it was really maybe almost two years, I didn’t really understand the importance of time management or just really the importance of organizing myself like a business. It’d be really wonderful if you could give us some insight into how important this actually is.

Minion Queen: Most of us work from home, so we forget to treat ourselves as an actual business. Have a space, a direct space and everything organized for you to work from. You are not going to treat yourself as a business if you don’t have a business space to use. Now that’s not always super easy for everybody because you’ve got to work from your dining room table or you just don’t have office space. Not all of us are blessed to have that, but make sure that when you set up your space each morning or whatever it is, you have a process that you go through. It’s more about your mindset and getting ready for your day than it necessarily is your space itself. Make sure that you have some mindset things that you do, and go through that every day. Make a routine, and really think and plan out your day.

Minion Queen: If you don’t know what your goals are, how are you going to accomplish anything? If you don’t know what your yearly goals are, your major goals for your business, if you don’t have a vision board and you’re not working towards that at least one thing every day working towards that, you’re not going to grow your business very fast. It’s going to be very haphazard.

Amy Demone: I’m so bad at this. I’m on the other end of this conversation and I’m just nodding my head. I’m like, “No, wait, no one can see me. No one can see me.” Yeah, that’s so true. Right now, I’m very, very into mindset. I’m reading the book “Mindset: The Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck, and I’ve fallen in love with it. How about you, if you’re open to it, if you wouldn’t mind just talking about the importance that mindset plays into time management.

Minion Queen: Part of mindset is creating those habits. A mindset is not the nebulous feeling out in the stratosphere that you can’t control; a mindset is something you control. It is a habit. This is something I’ve talked about in many blog posts and podcasts and all kinds of things. Set your mind that you are going to change how you react and how you interact with your day. Sit down, plan out your time. Now for me, I have a six-step planning process that I go through every month. I do a brain dump for the whole entire month, then I do a brain dump for the whole entire week, and then I break that into days. While I’m doing that, I reflect back on the things that are going well, things that aren’t going well, and really look at my vision board that I have.

Minion Queen: My “vision board” is, put in quotation marks because it’s just pictures on my filing cabinet that I stuck with magnets because I’m not crafty and I don’t want to deal with having a whole board up, but I look at each of those things that are on there often. “Okay, how am I going to work towards that today?” Then I have project sheets, and I have a list of all of the steps that I need to do to work towards that major goal. I just take a little bite every day to try to work towards those goals. When you do that, it helps your mindset, it helps you be prepared for where you’re working towards, what you’re doing, and it also gives you that sense of accomplishment every day that you’re crossing something off that list. I don’t care whether you like to write or if you want your planning system all on your computer or whatever it is, crossing something off or X-ing it out at the end of the day is a wonderful feeling.

Amy Demone: It really is, and that’s one of the main reasons I started doing to-do lists all the time. Every time, even if it was something as simple as just crossing off the fact that I wrote an email that literally took 30 seconds, that confidence boost and that little release of serotonin or whatever it is that releases in your body when you accomplish something, it just makes you feel so much better and it really sets you up for a wonderful day. It’s really positive, so I love that you really talk about that. Now for some of the entrepreneurs like myself, I love the terminology or the phrase that I heard from someone like a year ago, like, “Entrepreneurship is like a deep dive into self-help.” I know when I was starting out, I started out when I was in my mid-20s and God knows what happens in your mid-20s. You’re learning about life, you’re learning about this, and the idea that we want to be self-aware is not really something that we think is necessary in our business.

Amy Demone: For those women out there, because most of my listeners are women, how would you give them that little bump? Maybe that little confidence boost to really start and get out there, and really just start readjusting their mindset?

Minion Queen: Number one, something I do with every client except for my social media clients because this doesn’t quite apply to them: take a personality test. My favorite, it’s a free one, is Go take that test. It’s a brief version of the Myers-Briggs, which is something that a lot of major corporations use to help place an employee into a business and how they’ll interact with their team members and stuff. Read about your personality, and then I encourage you to, at the bottom as you’re reading about your personality, it tells you movie characters that display your personality type, go watch those movies. It’s fun. I guarantee you you’ll enjoy it, but go watch those TV shows, go watch those movies. Learn how your character interacts in a positive way and negative ways to people around them. That’s why movies are really good because you see your personality, and if you’re really tuned in and looking at that that way, you can see, “Oh yeah, I do that,” “Oh that’s horrible,” “That’s awesome, I need to do that.” It’s really good for shifting your mindset and how you think of yourself.

Minion Queen: Another wonderful thing to really dive into and work through that self-discovery is “Style Your Mind” by Cara Alwell Leyba. That book is amazing. She also wrote “Girl Code” and “Champagne Diet,” but “Style Your Mind” is phenomenal in helping you really discover why you do some of the things you do and how to improve upon that.

Amy Demone: Amazing. Sounds really interesting. I’ve not heard of that book, and I will definitely be reading that. I’m really into-

Minion Queen: It’s actually a workbook.

Amy Demone: Oh really?

Minion Queen: It’s a workbook, so it’s phenomenal.

Amy Demone: Oh, I like that.

Minion Queen: It’s definitely a book I suggest that you physically buy and don’t just Kindle it.

Amy Demone: Okay. I will put that with the show notes just so everyone can get that book as well as the one that I mentioned on mindset, as well as this 16 Personalities test. I don’t know how long ago you took this test, but do you remember what movies they suggested for you?

Minion Queen: For me? Game of Thrones and, Tyrone? The little guy.

Amy Demone: Oh yeah, yeah. I watched Game of Thrones and I can’t-

Minion Queen: Well because you asked, I can’t think of it. Sarah Connor is also somebody that comes up as my personality type. For me, that’s a huge deal because I am very much into Terminator movies. I’m definitely a child of the 80s, so anything like that definitely piques my interest, but I am a Bulldozer personality. If you don’t do it, get out of my way; I’ll do it for you. I’m well aware of that and I’ve learned to tone that down over the years, but I didn’t start there. I actually started the complete opposite; very meek, very quiet. Well, I’ve never been quiet, but just not wanting to rock the boat. Now? Just get out of my way. I will do it for you if you can’t do it. Knowing how to temper that and how you interact with people is really important for your business. It helps with your online voice and really becoming that online fairy instead of being seen as an online troll, because you have to be careful how you’re interacting with your ideal clients in your business. Your business is you, you are your brand, and your brand is you. You also have to temper it to reach the clients that you’re looking for.

Minion Queen: I coach clients and I do strategy sessions and stuff, so I need to be careful not to talk over them or to be that bulldozer person and tell them how to do it. You really need to walk somebody through that, and in steps and in chunks they can understand. Understanding that about your own personality and how you interact with other personalities is really important, and it helps your mindset in understanding yourself.

Amy Demone: Wonderful. I’m just taking it all in, really. It’s like, “Wow, I’m learning so much.” I love that. The one thing I love about these interviews that I’m doing in these podcasts and interviews is that I swear, every single interview, it’s exactly what I need to hear at the exact time. I’m just like, “This is perfect.”

Minion Queen: That’s awesome.

Amy Demone: I know. I’m like, “I don’t know, maybe this is my self-development journey.” So I know everybody is really probably itching to hear all the hacks, tricks, whatever you want to call it about time management. I would love it if you could tell me and the audience a few hacks, a few best time management hacks that you use, you implement, you coach on. Yeah, that’d be awesome.

Minion Queen: Okay. Something I say to all of my clients, and whether they’re a time management client or a business strategy client: plan your plan to better evaluate your plan, to better prioritize your plan so that your plan is well planned. If your idea of planning is just a brain dump and then it never goes any further and you don’t look at that again, what good did that do you? You just wasted your time. If you take your time with what I said, plan your plan, the word “plan” is in there six times. Breaking your plan up into six steps, while you think that sounds like a lot of time and you’re going to waste a lot of time doing that, believe me: you will become extremely efficient and very task-oriented when you do that, which is really good when you’re in a business. You have so many things and so many hats that you wear; the accountant, you’re the salesperson, you’re the social media person, you’re the BA.

Minion Queen: There’s always so many things that we’re trying to do. By breaking everything up in your planning time, you’re able to actually do when it’s time to do, so break everything down. Break it up into months, weeks, days, years, whatever you need to break it up in. Do that. Make sure that you’re not over-planning yourself. I have so many clients that will do their weekly brain dump and then put all of their items on for Monday. You have a whole five days to get that done, seven days if you work seven days a week. You don’t have to do it all on Monday. Take your time, plan it out, prioritize it. Then once you prioritize, write all the steps that have to be done for each of those items so that when it’s time to do, you’re not stopping to think about it. We as women, when we stop to think about something, we obsess over it and try to decide, “Is this the right way to do it, or is this the right way to do it?”

Minion Queen: If you’re doing that in your planning time where your mindset is set to the planning and that you’re in that stage, then you can really analyze how you’re going to get that item done. Laid it all down, write all those steps down, so again you have something to check off as you do each thing. Then when it’s time to do stuff, you’re all set. You can just dive in and do it and not have to think about it.

Amy Demone: I am one of those people that is so bad, so bad, at getting caught up in my mind. Even something as simple as going to yoga. I’m like, “Oh, I’m going to go to yoga, and then I dwell like, “Oh, would it better work? Would it be this and this?” By the time I’m about to go to yoga, it’s an hour after I was supposed to go and I’m lost in this thought, which leads me to, are you a fan, have you read it, of “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins?

Minion Queen: I have read it. Not totally a fan-

Amy Demone: Okay.

Minion Queen: But it’s not necessarily a bad thing either. It really depends, and this is where your personality type comes in, it really depends on how you process things and do things. I schedule things in very strangely for most people, like today, this is the time I get up and this is the time I take a shower, and this is the time I do this. Then I sit at my computer and I sit there for 15 minutes, and I go through some emails. Then I get up and I go walk around for five minutes and I sweep my floors, and then I come back. I schedule those little breaks in, those “get up and move breaks,” so it’s a little bit like that but it gives your brain the time to relax and your eyes the time to relax away from your screens, except I’m terrible about the getting away from screens. Not going to say I’m the greatest at that one.

Amy Demone: Are you a huge component of saying like, “Take time away from it, even if you’re bad at it,” because you know that whole thing like, “Oh, we coach what we need to learn,” although you sound like you’ve got time management down pat, so I’m not going to say anything about that.

Minion Queen: Just because I can preach it and I can teach anybody how to do it doesn’t mean I follow it so well some days.

Amy Demone: We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there.

Minion Queen: Taking a break, getting away. Self-care is so important, especially if you are a business owner and a parent, own a house, whether you’re a parent of children with two legs or four legs. You have things that you have to do. You have responsibilities. Making sure that you take care of yourself in that is so important. Getting away from your desk is very, very important. I am terrible; I have a hard time walking away from the screen. I have a smartphone that goes with me everywhere, and I have a hard time putting that down. Walking away is a very, very good thing for you. It really improves your mindset when you’re taking that time to care for yourself.

Amy Demone: Now are you a fan of white space? I know this is-

Minion Queen: No.

Amy Demone: Something that has come up. I’ve been seeing it a lot lately. I’ve been listening to a few podcasts and they’re always like, “Take that white space, take that white space, take that white space.” I’m just like, I get it but at the same time, it makes me very anxious just thinking about it. Not even implementing it, just thinking about it, it makes me anxious.

Minion Queen: I am way to ADD for that. I can’t do that. I need input, and input is what’s relaxing to me. Even when I have to hyper-focus on something, I have got music blasting or a TV show playing. I can’t just focus on one thing, so white space, it would literally make me have such high anxiety. I can’t handle it.

Amy Demone: Makes sense, makes sense. Well thank you so much for chatting with me today. I really appreciate it, and I just wanted to give you a last few seconds or minutes, however long you need, to just leave the audience with some words of advice.

Minion Queen: So words of advice as a business owner, as a female business owner: take care of yourself. Number one priority is make sure you’re taking care of yourself so that you can do all of the things that you need. If that means you have to take one day off a week, that’s great. Do not immerse yourself in your business and forget your family. I have seen a wave recently of women leaving their husbands because their husbands are interrupting their business, and that’s their reason that they’re putting online. Your business is not number one. You are number one. If you aren’t taking care of you and taking care of those around you, and investing in them, investing in relationships, then you are going to fail as a business owner. It may not be today, it may be five years from now, but you are not going to succeed if you aren’t being a human.