The Power of Mentoring

Mentoring? Coaching? What’s the difference? Which should you pick?

Deciding to become a virtual assistant before you get your first client can be quite nerve-racking. I wasn’t like that. I got my client, and then realized at some point 6-8 months in that I was a virtual assistant, not a secretary like I had believed. I thought I was an online secretary, but I learned the term “virtual assistant” and learned that was in fact what I was.

Enter: Mentoring

I also realized that there were a lot of different things you need to do to run a business. Holy shit, it was hard! But luckily I had a mentor that showed me how to do it. Yes, she paid me for the work. It wasn’t paid very well. I was making at least minimum wage. But as you should know, a virtual assistant can be paid much more. 

So, I had this mentor. She was able to show me the ropes of what you did and did not need to do while running a business (because no one’s perfect). My being mentored allowed me to gain perspective and experience while being paid, and that is something beautiful in itself.

This is why I suggest finding a mentor. I say this because a lot of people out there just need help. It’s not that they don’t like their work; it’s that they can’t do it all. Find someone who you can help by taking extra work off their hands. Find someone who will be up to helping and mentoring you as your career goes by. You can learn a lot, whether or not you get paid. Try to find someone who will mentor and guide you.


I think it’s important to explain to you my definition of mentoring. My definition of mentoring means a working relationship, paid or unpaid. Coaching and group programs are amazing and will help grow your business. They’ll teach you things that will take you a while to learn. But mentoring is different. Mentoring is working alongside someone and intimately seeing how they work. This is an invaluable experience.