What I Love About my Virtual Assistant Business

When I first started building my virtual assistant business I had no idea what I was doing, but I did have a pretty clear idea of WHERE I wanted to go. I personally think it’s SUPER important to LOVE your virtual assistant business. I mean, the whole point about running a business online is not only having the freedom to build your day around what lights YOU up but gives you enough money to do so.

When creating your virtual assistant business, it’s important to remember to set goals for yourself. And part of those goals should include what your business looks like.

Here are some questions to get your goal-setting mind turning:

1. How many hours do you want to work in your virtual assistant business?

2. How many clients do you want to work for?

3. What sort of money are you looking to make?

4. Where do you see your virtual assistant business in 5 years?

5. What do you want your personal life to look like?

I set goals for myself before I realized I even walked to start a virtual assistant business.

It took me 2 years to achieve those goals in my business – and that’s without a try. Think if you actually put your mind to it.

Below I share all the fun things I get to experience regularly in my virtual assistant business. Comment on the video and let me know what your favorite things about working as a virtual assistant is for you! Or if you haven’t started yet – what you’re most looking forward to.

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