Why Rebranding is Important

Hey guys! How are you doing? Guess what! I rebranded. I know, you’re shocked! You saw the icon and you thought, “Wow, this friendly podcast I’ve been listening to for (hopefully) almost a year and a half now is bumping up its game!”

I wanted to get a more professional look, a little bit more pop, a little bit more me because I’m changing things up. Yep, you heard me. I’m changing things up AGAIN. If you follow me you know that I love to rebrand and I’m going to talk about that today but before I do so, I’m going to give you some quick deets about the schedule of the podcast.

Podcast Schedule

Don’t worry, I’m not taking any episodes away from you, but I am adding some. I know how much you guys want to listen to me talk to myself. So every Friday we are going to have solo episodes with yours truly. I’m going to be talking about what’s working on my client’s business, what’s working in my business, what’s not working, what marketing techniques we are trying out, and what customer experience stuff we are trying out (because that’s my jam too). We are going to be talking about all things! Obviously, I like to whine a bit, I like to talk about that mindset stuff, so you’ll hear me pontificate about that as well.

So where did those interviews go? Great question! They are going to be released on Mondays. Starting Monday, October 7, you’re going to have me and an expert come on and talk about all things online biz, entrepreneurship, mindset, life (the whole gamut), and mental health (because that’s my favorite topic). We are going to help you grow your business and, drumroll please, become virtually free.

Becoming Virtually Free

You can see that since I rebranded, I’m now calling my business Becoming Virtually Free. The reality is that we are all becoming something. We are all learning to become these beautiful, amazing online businesses owners that live their best life, have their best clients, get to do the coolest things, attend the radest conferences, travel to the coolest, cheapest (or maybe most expensive, whatever your taste) island, and live the life we were made to be living and one that we are super freaking happy about. That’s what life is about. It’s about being happy and doing what feeds your soul and not anyone else’s.

That’s why I decided to change the name slightly, still keeping virtually free in the title. I feel like this is a little bit more me, a little bit more you guys because we are all just figuring it out. None of us are there yet. I’m not there yet, none of the guests are there yet. If someone tells you they are there yet, they are lying to you because where is there?

Why You Should Rebrand

Before I get into all this philosophical “who am I?” stuff, I want to talk about the rebrand and answer the “why did I rebrand again?” question. I also want to talk about why rebranding is important.

I’ve changed a lot. I’m in my late 20’s. We hear all those older generations talk about how young we are, how free-spirited we are, and how many more mistakes we have ahead of us. I’m still forming my identity. I’m still trying to figure out who I am, and what I like, not only as a business owner, a coach, and a mentor but also as straight-up Amy D.

At the same time, I’m trying to figure out what my business is going to deliver to you guys, what it promises, what it steers away from, what it doesn’t want to be known for. I think it’s important to rebrand and stay true to who you are and the identity you are creating. That’s really what branding is, it’s the identity. It’s the “who are you,” “what can I expect,” and “what are your promises?” Keep this in mind if you think of rebranding.

Have you ever rebranded your business? If you haven’t rebranded before and you wonder if you need to, check out this article from Entrepreneur.