Why You Should Create an Opt-In

I’m going to talk to you today about creating an opt-in for your virtual assistant business. If you are still in the stage of getting clients when you create your opt-in, your opt-in should be a process you use to get your clients the success and results they want.

Why should you create an opt-in?

For instance, if you’re an Instagram growth strategist, you could create a mini-course on how to research the right hashtags. Some people don’t like researching hashtags, so this is going to give them added knowledge. These may be people who don’t want to hire you anyway. Or people may still want to hire you because they take a look at the freebie and decide they don’t want to do everything it takes to research the right hashtags. 

This is a great freebie to offer because you need to know how to do it anyway. It’s also great because it will help standardize your business, meaning that you create operating procedures that can be done the same way every time, so it’s easy to get in the flow.

This is a part of standardizing your business. 

Offering an opt-in is great for two reasons. One, you are able to create an amazing and valuable piece of content that is protected behind an email (where you can then offer these potential clients your services). Two, it’s great because you are also working on the development of your actual business. 

By doing this, we can kill two birds with one stone. As virtual assistants, we tend to forget to work on our business once we get clients. This sets us up for success long-term and gets us into the habit of documenting our procedures.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and design an opt-in. Use Canva. You can find all sorts of templates online. With an opt-in, you’ll get more people interested and maybe even a few clients.